Electrical & Electronic Components   Wire, Cable &
Tubing Processing Equipment
Industrial Flooring
  RF & Microwave
  EDM Wires

All type of passive & active component – SMD, Power, WWR etc. Resistors, SMD, Energy storage , High Voltage etc.


Wire, Cable & Tubing Processing Equipment, Wire & Cable Strippers, Cutters & Twisters,  Medical Tubing Cutters Infrared Heating Tools, Dereelers,  Wire & Fiberglass Brushes


ESD SAFE- STORAGE SYSTEM, packaging material, work station, measuring Instruments Garments, wrist bands, shoes, ESD slipper


Epoxy, PVC, PVC Tiles, Vinyl, Laminated, Forest, Eurolic etc.
Antistatic / ESD/ Conductive flooring Epoxy, PVC, Tiles, Rubber


Wave guide , Wave guide flanges Round, Rectangular grooved And Choke type ,Wave guide   to Co. Axial Adapters , Transitions 900 Twists ,E & H Plane 900 Bends ,Straight Wave guide With Flange, Filters-Bend Pass cavity  Type


Brass wire, X Cut wire, Zinc wire, Spools and packing
EDM Parts, EDM Filter
Tube and Guide    Electrode Tube   Ceremics tube   Ion Exchange resin   Chemicals 

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